It’s one of the most famous lines in the U.S Constitution: All men are created equal. Had the Constitution been written today that line would no doubt read: All humans, are created equal. But when it comes to equal pay, are they? Chloe reports on one workplace where there is no gender gap – the US Military.

For weeks we’ve been telling you that this is a very important season for Teen Kids News. This is our 20th year on the air. To celebrate that, we spoke with some former anchors and reporters about just what it takes to be on Teen Kids News.

Reed tells us about another reason to cut back on sugar.

In “Make the Grade” this week, Christin explains how to be a good leader and why it could help you get into college and beyond.

Blake’s got some stats on wind and solar power

Most of us know the artist that helped pioneer Surrealism as Pablo Picasso. In “Art Smart” this week, Katie tells us about his most famous painting and his full name.

Veronique tells us how the city of Chicago got is name – and it’s claim-to-fame – as “the windy city”.

Dean tells us about a game that’s been around for 30 years and is more popular than Pokémon… Magic the Gathering!

Whether from drinking alcohol or using any type of drugs, driving “under the influence” is dangerous. And the National Road Safety Foundation wants you to remember that.

There’s an old saying that’s used to express anger or frustration. That saying is: “to get one’s goat.” But as Ayla found out, that saying does great injustice to those cute creatures. Then in part two of our segment on Goats 101, Ayla learns the finer points of milking a goat.

Team TKN

Launching its 20th year on the air, the Emmy award-winning, weekly half-hour program is seen across the country on more than 160 TV stations and seen around the world on the American Forces Network. In addition, educational TV channels bring TKN to districts with 10,000 schools and some 9-million students.

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