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Who we are

Teen Kids News is an international 1/2 hour weekly program that is informative, educational and entertaining! The show has been on the air since 2003, and given how many people watch it and love it, the show will be on forever!
Teen Kids News (TKN) highlights stories about kids doing amazing things and helping to make the world a better place.

Giving News a Teens View

Every week, our newscast plays to more than 6 million students in thousands of classrooms across the country. We are the only news program created just for young people – with young journalists, young voices, covering the news from a young perspective.

At Teen Kids News, we report with empathy and put people at the heart of every story.

In addition, the TKN reporters on the show (who are, of course, all kids!) report on everything that is fun, interesting or important about our world. These stories range from how to deal with bullying to kids who fly planes to tips on getting into college to how to start a business.

TKN has received numerous awards including its first Emmy Award, the Silver Circle Award, Hermes Creative Award, Angel Award, George Washington Honor Medal and several Accolade, Telly and Communicator Awards plus is a Parents’ Choice award winner!