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Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 12th – June 17th, 2021

Teen Kids News Full

A BLOCK:  More people live in California than in any other state. Not surprisingly, more people own cars in California than in any other state, that’s why the annual Drive Safe California PSA Contest, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation is so important.  In Part 1 of our special report, Ava introduces us to this year’s winner – Isaiah.

B BLOCK:  In part 2 of our report, we get to see the TV debut of Isaiah’s finished PSA!

C BLOCK: There are many ways you can find a good deed to do.  Through your school…place of worship…or a service organization. So; introduces us to a girl from Arkansas that found her inspiration for ding good while walking down the street.

About 20 percent of all kids in America wear glasses or contact lenses. In fact, the number of kids needing eyewear has increased a lot in recent years. Benjamin find out when you can know you need a new prescription. CC: HEALTH

From Baby Boomers to Gen-Zers, Shane explores the different generations.

In “Word Wise” Veronique tells us about the origin of the word Panic. 

Jackie tells us how to work out while styling your hair.

D BLOCK: Katie speaks to college expert Rob Franek about the top issues on the minds of students applying to college?  

E BLOCK:  Some of our Rising Stars tell us about their scariest moment while performing.

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