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Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | January 14th – January 21th , 2022

Teen Kids News Full

A BLOCK: When it comes to applying to college, you may have all the right things: good GPA…good SAT or ACT scores…and lots of extracurricular activities.  And yet, as Benjamin tells us, that may not be enough. 

B BLOCK:  There’s a website called OGTV, The o-g stand for “only good” and of course TV stands for television.  This week Sol features a video about a kid whose musical talent is drumming up a lot of attention. CC: ARTS

The National Road Safety Foundation wants to remind you of the dangers of driving distracted with this short video.  CC: HEALTH

C BLOCK:   Katie’s is back in the kitchen with a tip on how to heat leftovers.  CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE

Emily introduces us to a musician, and actor and an author – and they’re all the same person – this week’s Rising Star: Arden Pala.

In this week’s “Word Wise” Veronique informs us on how the word leotard became part of our vocabulary. CC: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS 

D BLOCK:  In the two-part special report sponsored by News Media Group, Lifestyle expertMario Armstrong gives us a sneak peek at some hot electronics being featured at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES.


E BLOCK:  More tech gadgets from CES. CC: TECHNOLOGY

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