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Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 1st – July 8th 2022

Teen Kids News Full

A BLOCK: For some of us, it may be one of the biggest decisions we make during high school: should we take AP classes? Ava gets some information to help you decide.

B BLOCK: In our OGTV featured video Anoushka tells us about two brothers who have taken steps to start an unusual business that helps many. CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE

C BLOCK: In this week’s “Word Wise” Veronique tells us about two possible ways the word pickup truck came about – and you can take your “pick” as which is accurate. CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Chloe explores why guys may get hit by lightning more often that women.

Katie’s Art Smart tells us about the artist Giotto.

Speeding when driving is dangerous. The National Road Safety Foundation wants you to remember that, so the sponsored this video.

D BLOCK: Prom season usually runs from April to June. But that’s not the only time of the year you may need to get dressed up. Emily has ways to save all year round.

E BLOCK: We’re in the kitchen again where Gene’e shows us a snack that’s as much fun to make as it is to eat – Mago Fruit Roll Ups.

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