You Season 3 Twist Ending Explained: Every Question Answered

Season 3 of Netflix’s You finds Penn Badgely’s Joe Goldberg in Madre Linda, carving out a new life for himself and playing the domestic game. Now married to Love, they’re taking care of baby Henry, but things go awry as both get wrapped up in their emotions, killing once more to preserve their dark secrets, as well as to protect their illicit passions. With that in mind, let’s break down the bloody note Season 3 of You ends on.

Love Makes The Ultimate Play Against Joe

Season 3 of You finds Joe killing Love and escaping Madre Linda

Love finds evidence that Joe has been killing for his new crush, Marienne, and drugs him at dinner. She heads out for errands, allowing their neighbor, Matthew, to sneak in and berate Joe. Matthew realizes the couple had something to do with his wife Natalie’s death, and he gets info from Joe’s phone on his missing son, Theo. He doesn’t care for Theo’s affair with Love or Joe’s tryst with Natalie — he just wants his son back, leaving Joe to suffer.

When Love gets back in, Marienne visits as Love texts her to come over from Joe’s phone. Marienne was going to leave town with Joe, but Love muddies the water, confessing that Joe’s just like all the toxic males Marienne’s ever met. Love opts not to kill her, allowing her to depart with her daughter as she doesn’t want to ruin another family. This riles her up more, though, as she needs to teach Joe a lesson for planning to steal Henry and abandon her.

Joe Burns Everything Down To Start Anew

Season 3 of You finds Joe killing Love and escaping Madre Linda

Shockingly, Joe anticipated Love’s play and drugged himself with adrenaline, only to then inject and knock Love out with some wolfsbane she was growing. He overdoses her, however, as he needs her dead so he can escape with Henry and make it look like Love went mad. Joe chops his toes off, leaves a ton of evidence and frames Love for all the kills this season, making her an insane, jealous housewife that forced him into a sick game.

Joe then burns the house down, leaving a suicide note too to make it look like Love had enough. It’s a sinister setup as the press, neighbors and everyone who hated the couple buy into the sham. Sadly, he realizes with Marienne now finding out his secrets from Love, that he can’t be with her or even take Henry on the run. Joe drops Henry off at Dante’s home with a letter, knowing he and his husband will care for the boy.

Is Love Really Dead At The End Of You Season 3

Showrunner Sera Gamble recently confirmed in an interview with Newsweek that Love is dead, wanting to be clear about the character’s ultimate outcome considering that You has toyed with fake deaths in the past. 

Everyone Has A Happy Ending… Especially Joe

Season 3 of You finds Joe killing Love and escaping Madre Linda

The finale shows Madre Linda recovering from Love’s ‘scheme,’ as the neighborhood rebuilds. Their posh neighbors all capitalize on her absence, with some taking over her bakery, others building apps off the drama and the Conrads turning their hostage situation into a series of inspirational talks. Even Theo and Matthew fix their relationship after Love almost killed the teen.

While Love’s vilified in the media, Henry gets to grow up in a happy home as the flash forward a couple years later shows he’s got caring parents — which Joe and Love never had. As for Joe, he’s now in Paris where he can return to his stalking ways. He wonders if he’ll find Marienne there due to their love of books and romance, but he also gives the impression he doesn’t mind finding a new woman to fixate on.

What will happen in season 4?

There’s no telling where the story will go from here, but it’s very likely that Joe will fixate on someone new when he’s in Paris. Especially because there’s no one standing in his way now.

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