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Word of the Week: Bipartisan, Preemptive, Porous

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Word of the Week: Bipartisan

How to say it

Bipartisan  /bɑɪˈpɑr·t̬ə·zən, -sən/

What it means

involving or having the support of both sidesesp.

Bipartisan means including two parties or factions, especially ones that typically oppose each other.

Bipartisan is used in the context of political systems that have two dominant parties. Bipartisan is most often used to describe actions or solutions intended to counteract partisan politics, which refers to a situation in which members of each party vote along party lines and refuse to compromise.

Examples of debacle in a Sentence

In his first Inaugural Address, Jefferson sounded a conciliatory, bipartisan note, averring that “we are all Republicans, we are all Federalists”—a trope copied in many inaugural addresses to follow.

The bill has bipartisan support.

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for bipartisan


neutral, nonpartisan

hands-off, noninterventionist

autonomous, independent, sovereign (also sovran), unaffiliated



disinterested, evenhanded, fair, impartial, indifferent, unbiased, uninfluenced, unprejudiced

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for bipartisan

biased, partial, partisan, prejudiced, unfair

affiliated, associated, federated


allied, confederate

Word of the Week: Preemptive

How to say it

pre·​emp·​tive |  \ prē-ˈem(p)-tiv   \

What it means

  1. a: of or relating to preemption

b: having power to preempt

2. of a bid in bridge higher than necessary and intended to shut out bids by the opponents

3.  giving a stockholder first option to purchase new stock in an amount proportionate to his existing holdings

4.  marked by the seizing of the initiative initiated by oneselfa preemptive attack

Where it comes from

An Americanism dating back to 1785–95; preempt + -ive

Examples of debacle in a Sentence

In recent weeks, after testifying to the investigators in the attorney general’s office, DeRosa posted comments on Twitter viewed by many Cuomo advisers as a preemptive defense of how she would be depicted.

Some groups representing large numbers of workers raised preemptive objections.

After an extra year of waiting, three days of preemptive competition and a 3-hour-and-49-minute opening ceremony, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics are finally, officially underway.

Word of the Week: Porous 

How to say it

Ephemeral [ ih-fem-po·​rous |  \ ˈpȯr-əs   \

What it means

  1. a: possessing or full of pores

b: containing vesselshardwood is porous

2. a: permeable to fluids

b: permeable to outside influences

3: capable of being penetratedporous national boundaries


  • passable, 
  • penetrable, 
  • permeable, 
  • pervious


  • impassable  
  • (also impassible), 
  • impenetrable, 
  • impermeable, 
  • impervious, 
  • nonporous

Examples of debacle in a Sentence

The country has a porous border.

Once an eggshell’s protective coat wears off, the shell becomes porous and absorbs more air.

Not only are cell walls sometimes more porous than was thought, but plants seem to have developed a mechanism that enables whole organelles to crawl through the cell wall into adjacent cells.

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