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Who Is Eternals’ Villain? Everything We Know

The New Eternals trailer introduces a new apocalyptic threat to the MCU for Phase 4, but who or what exactly is “the new villain?” 

 In the trailer, Sersi (Gemma Chan) can be heard talking to Dane Whitman A.K.A. Black Knight.

”We came here 7,000 years ago, to protect humans from the deviants”. When she is asked why the Eternals didn’t help during times of desperate need she says “we were instructed not to interfere”, to which he replies “by who” and the screen cuts to a crazy looking shot of a mammoth red Celestial, possibly Arishem the Judge. 

Who is Arishem The Judge?

Arishem the Judge is a character who features in Jack Kirby’s original Marvel comics, first appearing in 1976.

He is the leader of the Celestials, one of the most powerful groups of beings in the Marvel Universe. Arishem is 2000 feet tall and is red appearance with a cylinder head.

He first came to Earth-616 alongside a number of other Celestials to begin the creation of the Seventh Cosmos, but came into conflict with the god of darkness Knull.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Arishem was responsible for getting rid of the Deviant Race, and he also caused the Great Cataclysm that flooded the world. He is also trusted with deciding which planet’s civilisations will live and which will die. 

The Celestial had a brief encounter with Cyclops who blew off his hand during Judgement War, and was told to leave by the X-Men. 


Arishem has a number of different powers including:

  • Cosmic energy control with an unknown limit.
  • Able to manipulate reality, energy and matter. 
  • Armour that can withstand planet-shattering strikes with ease.
  • Can teleport objects across time and space. 
  • Huge physical strength and stamina.
  • Very high IQ. 
The new poster for Eternals. (Source: Marvel)

Eternals is scheduled to be released in theaters on Nov. 5. While Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will head to theaters exclusively in September, it’s not clear yet whether Eternals will go the same route or will also head to Disney Plus Premiere Access on release day, just as Black Widow did in July.

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