Who Is Echo aka Maya Lopez In Marvel’s Hawkeye TV Show?

This week episode, our heroes are put to the test once more when they face a new adversary in the form of Maya Lopez, aka Echo (Alaqua Cox), the head of the Tracksuit Mafia who has a personal vendetta against Ronin, the alias Clint went by in his assassin days pre-Avengers: Endgame.

The MCU is introducing some exciting new characters in the show, with Kate’s future stepdad Jack Duquesne (Tony Dalton) remaining a suspect as viewers speculate who the main villain of the show will be.

So here’s a brief intro of Echo in Marvel comics as well as the MCU’s brand new show Hawkeye that is given below.

Who is Maya Lopez aka Echo?

Echo’s real name is Maya Lopez. She is a Native American of the Cheyenne Nation whose father worked for Kingpin before he was killed on Kingpin’s order. As he was dying he reached his hand out to her, leaving a bloody handprint on her face. This is why a handprint on her face is part of her costume.

After her father’s death, Kingpin adopted her. He introduced her to Matt Murdock and the two of them hit it off. Kingpin then convinced her that Daredevil killed her father, causing her to go after him — however she did not know that Matt was actually Daredevil. She takes this out on Kingpin by shooting him, blinding him for quite some time.

Maya chose to use the name Echo because of her ability to copy the motions that she sees — she is like an echo.

Echo’s story, as shown in Daredevil Vol. 2 #55, published in 2004. Marvel Comics

What Are Echo’s Powers?

Maya was born deaf but uses her photographic reflexes, much like Taskmaster, to perfectly duplicate movements and actions. This skill is what landed her in the gifted program as a young girl, and also what made Kingpin want to adopt her after he killed her father as he knew she would be useful to him. 

Who Is Echo In Hawkeye?

On Episode 3, we see her doing martial arts as a youngster, and defeating a much larger kid with ease. In the comics, Echo is an excellent mimic. She watched this kid once, then knew how to beat him. It seems this was a strong reference to her abilities. It also appears they are being quite faithful to the character thus far, which is pretty neat.

Things really kick into gear when, as an adult, Echo has an encounter with Ronin who, rather tragically, appears to end up killing her father. We know that Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton had a bad run-in with these guys in the past as they have done some “bad stuff.” Much of that past remains vague for now. But what is important is that Maya now has a vendetta against Ronin. Following his tragic demise, Maya took up her father’s mantle and wound up in charge of the Tracksuit Mafia. Thus, this explains why the gang of thugs has been at the center of this show from the beginning.

Maya Lopez in Hawkeye.Marvel Studios

For now, Echo/Maya Lopez is serving as the primary antagonist of the show. But that is just for now. With her “uncle” looming large in the background and the impending arrival of Black Widow’s sister, Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Clint and Kate Bishop will have much to contend with. For the time being, Echo is at the top of that list, as she wants revenge. Just wait until she figures out who Ronin really is.

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