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What’s for dinner? 10-minute creamy Zoodles with Spinach, Mushrooms and Vegan Burger

If you’ve been searching the internet wondering which recipe to cook for dinner, look no further.

Teen Kids News is taking the guesswork out of dinnertime and helping you find delicious and fast dish to whip up any night of the week.

Rich and juicy, you’ll instantly fall in love with these veggie burger with plenty of creamy zucchini noodles. This complete low carb dinner is vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly. It all looks way too simple to taste as delicious as it does, but believe us, it does!


2 large zucchini (about 1-1/2 pounds)



Marinara Sauce

Veggie Burger


1. Making Zuchinni noodles with a handheld spiralizer

Cut off the ends of the zucchini.

Secure the counter top spiralizer on the counter using the suction cup(s) on the bottom. (More on this below!)

Insert the zucchini. Skewer one end onto the side of the spiralizer that has the handle, then poke the other end into the side that has the blade.

Crank the handle repeatedly, continuously pushing the zucchini toward the blade and watch the zoodles come out the other side.

2. Place your zoodles in a microwave-safe dish. A large glass bowl works best, so you can easily toss the zoodles in between increments in the microwave. Avoid placing them in a shallow dish, since this could easily get messy. Go with something roomy that has sides.

  • You can add a splash of water over the zoodles, if you like, but it’s usually not necessary. Zucchini has a relatively high water content naturally.

3. Cook the zoodles. Punch in a cook time of 2 1/2 minute on your microwave’s keypad. Leave it on regular heat – don’t microwave the zoodles with the high heat setting. Hit “Start” or “Cook” and let the microwave cook the zoodles. Remove from the microwave and drain the water.

4. Steam your vegetables. Place your spinach and cleaned mushrooms in a bowl with a little water and microwave on HIGH (regular power) for 2 1/2 minutes. Remove from the microwave and drain the water.

5. Cook the veggie burgers 1 1/2 minutes or cook to your preference. Cooking times vary depending on your what time of meat you are using.

5. Serve the zoodles, with your veggies and burger on the side topped with your favorite marinara sauce, cheese or tomato sauce. Enjoy!

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