What Really Happened Last Night on Euphoria? Recap of  Episode 4

The following article includes mentions of drugs and substance abuse, which may be triggering to some. Reader discretion is advised.

What in the world is going to become of Cal? Is Eric Dane leaving the show? Will anyone on Euphoria ever find happiness?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 4 continued the trend of spinning a bunch of stories across an hour, and it was another valiant effort at showing just how these characters’ lives are all messed up.

Here’s everything what happened in episode 4.

Elliot True Intentions

The episode begins by focusing on Rue and Jules’ relationship. Rue fakes an orgasm after oral sex with Jules because she is too high to feel anything. It’s not only an embarrassing moment but shows how drugs continue to interfere with every aspect of Rue’s life; she cannot immerse herself in a sexual experience. This is particularly concerning as Rue has put Jules on a pedestal, often placing her drive to be sober in the hands of Jules, and disparaging Jules if she deviates in any way.

Jules discusses the awkward sexual encounter with Elliot, who asks her to demonstrate what took place. They go back and forth, trying to understand how the results occurred. Jules and Elliot begin to make out and do so until Rue texts Elliot that she is outside. They immediately stop, and Jules stares at the ceiling in bewilderment. While I enjoy the chemistry between the actors, Elliot’s actions are questionable. At first, Elliot appeared to be the exact opposite of Nate: Nate is here to wreak havoc, but Elliot is positioned as a relaxed and chill male friend. In reality, Elliot is subtly helping in the destruction of Rue and Jules’ relationship.

Cal Jacobs Comes Clean

Cal (played by Eric Dane) was a drunk truth-telling mess. It isn’t clear what pain meds he is taking, but he somehow gets to Rue levels of not giving a damn. This leads to his driving drunk and high to where he and Derek kissed, then getting kicked out. Then, when he returns home, he pisses in the foyer and leaves his private part out when he talks to Marsha, Nate, and Aaron. And on top of that, he reveals he had sex with a man the first time while Marsha was pregnant and that he has had sex with many men.

From there, he decides it is time for everyone to come clean. He reveals he knows Marsha is having an emotional affair, Aaron’s porn habits, and Nate? Well, he just admits he doesn’t know Nate at all, and he raised him, so that’s the funny thing. And with dropped the mic on everyone, including himself, he takes a picture of the family, which strangely includes a third son, and off he goes.

The Night is Not Over

The Nate-Maddy-Cassie love triangle continues to be fascinating, thanks largely to Sydney Sweeney’s acting.

The love triangle between Cassie, Nate, and Maddy is wearing on Cassie, and all Lexi can do is watch. For Cassie, at this point, she is seemingly adapting to the kind of toxic Nate finds endearing, but the problem is, while a part of him likes that out of Maddy, Cassie’s version of toxic is different.

With Maddy, she can be soft, kind, and alluring, even to the point of asking Nate if he ever felt loved by her. Yet, she can also flip it and start an argument off the littlest thing. Cassie? She makes the claim she is crazier than Maddy, and she might be right. For while Maddy lets off steam by lashing out, Cassie would rather implode and through a drunken display at Maddy’s birthday party, which includes her throwing up in the hot tub?  Cassie might be able to play along as though she’s happy with Nate, but something tells us Nate would find another way to cause problems.

Is Rue Dead?

Rue is back in her room as she tries to stand up… but when she walks out, she’s in a church as she walks down the aisle past Jules and Elliot as a Black man sings a song.

Rue returns home and does more drugs. She has an extended vision of herself at church where he walks down the aisle past Jules and Elliot as a Black man sings a song.

The man gives a tearful Rue a hug as we see Rue is really hugging someone else… her dad, telling him that she’s not a good person and she misses him so much.

At the end, there’s no telling whether the entire funeral scene was real or merely in Rue’s imagination. 

As of right now, there’s no confirmation of whether the beloved character has crossed over to the other side. Or maybe it’s just another representation of Rue is at her lowest point, having relapsed and taking harder drugs than she was before.

Elliot and Jules are about to hook up when Elliot admits he was the one who may have enabled Rue’s continued drug usage. Jules is upset but later returns to Elliot’s bed.

Euphoria’s eight-episode second season airs Sunday nights sat 9 PM ET on HBO. 

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