What Happened Last Night on Euphoria? Recap of Episode 3

Warning: the following contains spoilers for Euphoria season 2 episode 3.

Were you prepared for a deep-dive into the most polarizing character on TV?

Euphoria Season 2 Episode 3 lifted the lid on Cal’s past, revealing how he became a father at a young age, as well as his struggle with his sexuality.

Cassie (Sydney Sweeney) also must come to grips with Nate (Jacob Elordi) ignoring her after they had sex, while Rue comes up with a ‘business opportunity. 

Here’s how all went down:

Cal’s Summer Flashback

It’s the ‘80s and Cal and his best friend Derek are in high school, where they’re part of the wrestling team together. They’re practically inseparable, hanging out, partying and even hooking up with their respective girlfriends together. One night as they celebrate graduation, the two of them drive out to a bar Derek knows will serve them, despite being underage. Cal’s real feelings for his friend have already been hinted at heavily in the opening scenes and when they get to the bar, their relationship takes a step into new territory – after putting INXS on the jukebox and dancing as the other punters watch, they end up kissing.

Life gives Cal a rude awakening the next morning when his day starts with a phone call from his girlfriend, Marsha. She’s just found out she’s pregnant and as her boyfriend tells her he’s happy about the unexpected news, the look on his face is one of heartbreak.

Oklahoma The Musical!

Lexi has come to realize her role in life is as an observer, but rather than fade into the shadows, she decides to use that position to write a play about her and her classmates’ lives. Sister Cassie is unaware of how she’s being portrayed in the production (“sluttier, tackier”), too busy continuing her secret relationship with Nate to pay attention to much else. But when she heads out one night to meet him, he bails on her at the last minute, taking flowers to Maddy instead. Could another break-up be on the cards for Cassie? Can  you imagine the drama if the play reveals the truth about Nate and Cassie?

I’m not invisible Nate!

Cassie wakes up at 4 AM to get ready for school and spent three hours getting ready, thinking about Nate, who completely ignores her in school.

She tries a number of different looks to try and get Nate’s attention, and one day he actually looks, which cheers her up immensely… until she runs into Maddy (Alexa Demie).

Meet the Parents

Kat (Barbie Ferreira) has dinner with Ethan’s parents and she gives an awkward answer, which ruins the dinner for her.

Rue Business 101

Rue ponders how she can get her drugs for free, before having a eureka moment. She goes to Fez and asks him to front her $5000 worth of substances, which she says she’ll sell using her fellow students as runners. He refuses, so she pays a visit to dealer Laurie, who they met in episode one, and gets a much more enthusiastic response. Instead of $5000, she gives Rue a suitcase with $10,000 worth of drugs and warns her that if she fucks her over, she’ll be kidnapped and sold to “some real sick people”.

Rue takes the case to her NA meeting, where sponsor Ali becomes immediately suspicious. He waits for her after and questions her about her luggage, to which she lies and says it’s her school books. He doesn’t fall for it but, when Rue keeps talking back to him, he severs their relationship and leaves her on her own. Back in her room, she gets some fentanyl out of the case and takes it. Yes she is back to square one….

Confessions of Sexaholic

Cal pays Fez a visit – but with a very different purpose. He’s desperate to get the disc back and has been led to believe by Nate that the dealer is in possession of it. Ashtray starts beating him up with the butt of his shotgun and Ashtray tells him to call the cops but he won’t as Ash keeps beating him up. Cal tells him that he had sex with Jules and he’s trying to get back the tape of them together but Fezco has no idea about any tape. Finally Fez drops the bomb: Nate is in love with Jules! leaving Cal perplexed. Fezco agrees to let him go if he gets his son Nate to leave Rue and Jules alone for the end of time. 

Euphoria’s eight-episode second season airs Sunday nights sat 9 PM ET on HBO. 

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