Wonder Woman 1984: 5 Things We Learned From The First Trailer (& 5 New Questions We Have)

After a long, long wait, we’ve finally been granted access to the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer, and wow, did it deliver. The trailer got some story content in, along with some fantastic action sequences.

It’s basically just two minutes of Diana being iconic. However, there are still so many different questions circulating the film. Today, we’re going to be taking a look at five different things that we were able to learn from the trailer, along with five things that we still know nothing about, all in no particular order. Let’s get into it.

10. What We’ve Learned: What The Golden Eagle Costume Fully Looks Like

Diana Prince wears new Golden Eagle Armor in Wonder Woman 1984 trailer

We finally got a look at the Golden Eagle armor that Diana will be donning in Wonder Woman 1984. It is so powerful, oof. While we’d seen part of it in the first official poster for the film, it was nice to finally see it in its full glory for the first time.

The armor is clearly a bit more intricate than what the poster showed us. She also just kind of… gets rid of the wings of the armor. Weird flex, but okay.

9. What We Don’t Know: What Does Cheetah Look Like?

Wonder Woman Comic Cheetah

While we did get to see a bit of Barbara in the trailer, we’ve still yet to see any signs of Cheetah. What is she going to look like? It’s great that we’re going to see Cheetah make the transition to live-action with 1984, but she could easily look a complete mess if done wrong.

Sure, it’s a given at this point that we can trust Patty Jenkins with things like this, but it still really makes you wonder what she’s going to look like.

8. What We’ve Learned: She’s Still In Hiding

During a mall brawl, Diana makes a point to destroy the security camera that would have recorded the whole thing. This confirms that Diana is in hiding in the ’80s.

Justice League explains this, yes, but we don’t know if any of that thing is even canon anymore. But this quick shot at the very least proves that Diana is in hiding during the ’80s. Why does she feel the need to be in hiding like this? Let’s hope we find out in the film.

7. What We Don’t Know: What’s Happening In The White House?

Alright, anyone know why Diana is fighting in what looks to be in the White House? That cannot be a good sign, right? Any time that you’re taking down guards and/or secret service members, you’re probably doing something bad or very, very illegal.

Sure, Diana fights for the people, so this is probably the reason why, but it still is a little bit worrying. Eh, it’s probably fine.

6. What We’ve Learned: Steve Trevor Is An Ally, For Now

We’ve been aware that Steve Trevor is back in the sequel to Wonder Woman for a while now. We don’t know anything other than that, though. Well, we didn’t until now. The trailer reveals that Steve’s motives seem to be pure, as he’s shown fighting alongside Diana.

Unless there’s some sort of betrayal in the movie (which very well could happen considering how dubious it is that he’s here at all), the two seem to be aligned once more, fighting for the same causes. But there is one thing about Steve that we still don’t know.

5. What We Don’t Know: How He Has Returned

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman

The man died in the last film. How is he back? It probably has something to do with Maxwell Lord, who also appears in the film. This can almost certainly cause nothing but trouble for Diana, right? We really don’t know.

The trailer is set up in a way that makes it appear that Lord was the one who brought Steve back. Let’s just hope that he isn’t ripped away from Diana so cruelly again. He probably will be though. And we’ll all cry again.

4. What We’ve Learned: Kristen Wiig Is Making Jokes

Kristen Wiig has been tapped to play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984. If you weren’t aware, Kristen Wiig is an actress most notable for her comedic acting, such as her stint on Saturday Night Live.

Thus, it was nice to see that she’ll be making some jokes in Wonder Woman 1984. We only saw one from her in the trailer, but this revealed that the character might be a fun one until she becomes a humanoid cheetah bent on destroying Diana. So, they’re friends until they’re 100% not. Well, that’s just lovely.

3. What We Don’t Know: What Cheetah’s Role Is

The trailer seems to put Lord in the position of the main villain for the film. As such, that makes us wonder, what’s Cheetah’s role going to be? Is she just a side villain? Is she working with Max?

Is she going to become more prominent in the third Wonder Woman film? There’s really no way to know as of now. Trailer two might give us a better idea of what to expect.

2. What We’ve Learned: The Amazons Are Still Involved

Wonder Woman Spinoff About the Amazons in Development

With an Amazon spin-off in the works, it comes as no surprise that the female warriors will be involved in the film somehow. Whether it just be through flashbacks, or they play a part in the story, we don’t know.

But, the trailer showed off what seems to be some training exercises that the women are performing with a young Diana, so we’ll certainly be seeing a flashback or two.

1. What We Don’t Know: What Diana Will Be Doing

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman 1984 CCXP poster

Thankfully, Wonder Woman 1984’s trailer did a good job of keeping things hidden, unlike some older DC trailers. However, it still didn’t fully explain what it is Diana is doing.

We know who the villains are, but we don’t know the story that surrounds all of our central characters yet. No matter what the story is going to be, we do know that it will probably be a satisfying adventure film that is worth the wait.


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