Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode Week | May 26th – June 2nd, 2017

A BLOCK:  There are more than 4-thousand universities, colleges and junior colleges across America.  In Part 1 of our special top story, Amelia talks with an expert for some tips on how to decide where to apply.

B Block:  Part 2 of our story on applying to college, give us more insight on the things you should consider when choosing the colleges you want to apply to.

C Block:  Last week, we showed you what it takes to turn a winning idea into a Public Service Announcement.  Now, in this report sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, you get to see the finished product, which focuses on the importance of paying attention while cross the street!


D Block:  Eden reports on the very big problem of childhood hunger and malnutrition…and shares a way American teens can help.


E Block:  Emily is back with another Yoga & You report that can help you get through homework and studying for finals.  CC: HEALTH

And Daniela rounds off this week’s show with our HooplaHa Pick of the Week about a craze that’s making a comeback!  Whether you consider it a hobby or exercise, we can probably agree that Hula Hopping is lots of fun!