Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 21st – September 28th, 2018

A BLOCK:  All around the world, the men and women serving in the U.S. Military are often called upon to put their lives on the line to protect our nation.  As Katie reports – the Girl Scouts have come up with a special way to say Thank You!  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

B Block:  We’ve got a two-part special on an important decision most high school students will need to make – whether to take the SAT or the ACT.  In part one, Amelia gives us teens thoughts on what they’ll do after college and if they know the difference between the two tests. CC: COLLEGE PREP

C Block:  In part two of story on the SAT vs the ACT, Amelia hears from an expert on the topic – Rob Franek works for the Princeton Review, a company that helps students with test preparation and college admissions advice.  CC: COLLEGE PREP

D Block:  In Make the Grade, Christin shows us how art can be an important tool for improving your memory, when it comes to studying.

Eric has the facts on Virginia’s state flag, in his Flag Facts report. CC: HISTORY

This week’s Driving Tip from the National Road Safety Foundation reminds us that Distracted Driving is NOT something ONLY teen drivers do. CC: HEALTH 

E Block:   Speak of the Week gives teens a chance to be heard.  This week’s question is about books you read for pleasure. CC: ELA

If you’re stuck on what to wear to prom, Lauren has a unique idea for you. – make your own dress or tux – out of DuckTape.

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