Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 14th – September 21st, 2018

A BLOCK:  In recent years, the United States and its allies have been waging war on a terror group in the Middle East.  It’s a war that the allies have been winning.  But as Emily reports, for those families caught in the conflict, the ordeal isn’t over. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

B BLOCK:  In our “Make the Grade” report Christin has a colorful study tip to help you ace your next test.

In “Flag Facts”, Eric tells us about the state flag of what’s known as the Pine Tree State…Maine.  CC: HISTORY

This week’s driving tip, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, reminds us of the importance of wearing a seatbelt.  CC: HEALTH 

C BLOCK:  Katie gives us one take one how the game of chess came to be…it’s an interesting historical tale.

Matt is back with another Baseball Fact…this one dates back to 1927 a great year for BOTH babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  CC: HISTORY

D BLOCK: If you feel stress from time to time, then you’ll want to hear Emily’s talk with Dr. Megan Jones.  She’s a psychologist from Stanford, University in California, and she’s got some great tips on just how to deal with stress. CC: HEALTH

E BLOCK:  Prom is the biggest social event of the year for most high school seniors.  So we’ve got a new series called Prom Prep 101.  In this edition, Emily gets some timeless fashion tips for prom and any other dressy occasion.

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