Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 1 st – September 7 th , 2018

A BLOCK: Our two-part top story is brought to you by the National
Road Safety Foundation. In part one, we go behind the scenes as teen in
Louisiana turn their winning idea for the annual Driving Skills 101 PSA
contest, into an actual PSA. CC: THE ARTS

B BLOCK: Part two of our special report, takes us to Virginia, just
outside of Washington DC for the annual SADD National Conference,
where the winning PSA will make its debut. The topic of the PSA is how
to drive safely at night. CC: HEALTH

C BLOCK: It’s time for some advice on getting ahead in school. So
Christin’s back with another “Make the Grade” report. This time she’s got
some tips on prepping for a presentation.

In this week’s “Art Smart”, Katie tells us about a mistake surrounding a
famous Matisse painting that escaped art experts and was finally
discovered by and exhibit visitor. CC: HISTORY

D BLOCK: Alexandra speaks to wig and makeup expert Jeanna Doyle
about a way we can easily change the way we look.

E BLOCK: We’re back at the Culinary Institute of America, to learn how
to make one of our favorite finger food – just a bit healthier!