Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | May 3rd – May 10th, 2019

A BLOCK:  It’s no secret that substance abuse is a problem.  Communities all across America are looking for ways to keep teens from becoming addicted to drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. And that’s why New York’s Dutchess County stages a special event – sponsored by the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education (CAPE). CC: HEALTH

B Block:  In part two our report on CAPE’s youth rally, we see the positive entertainment at the event and hear from teens that attended.  CC: HEALTH

Sebastian has some Words of Wisdom to consider the next time you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps. CC: PSYCHOLOGY

C Block:  What do Taylor Swift, Venus Williams and Dakota Fanning have in common?  They were all Girl Scouts.  Starting more than 100 years ago, millions of girls all across America have worn the iconic sash and uniform.  Katie tells us why.

The National Road Safety Foundation wants you to keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and your mind on driving.  That’s why they sponsor this important message. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  In “Make the Grade”, Christin has a study tip from a high school student in Indiana, which might just be music to your ears.

Jackie shares a makeup tip about adding some glimmer with shimmer.

Matt’s “Baseball Fact” tells us which major league teams have never made it to the World Series. CC: HISTORY

In Word! you can test your knowledge on the meaning of: morose; irrelevant; and emanate. CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

E Block:  While we may think that comic books and graphic novels are a relatively new idea – as Olivia tells us, what’s been called “England’s first comic strip” is almost a thousand years old.  CC: HISTORY