Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 9th – March 17th, 2018

A BLOCK:  Drug and Alcohol abuse is an ongoing problem among teens and young adults.  That’s why a community in New York State holds an annual youth rally to help inform & educate. Katie’s got a report, brought to you by the Council on Addiction Prevention and Education. CC: HEALTH

B Block:  William’s got this week’s “Art Smart!” report where we find out just how many paintings Van Gogh sold during his lifetime. CC: ART/HISTORY

In our Military Salute, we tell you about the Soldier’s Medal. . CC: HISTORY

Luke is back with another presidential quiz. This week “Guess the President” tests your knowledge on which commander-in-chief was: once the Governor of Ohio; had Mark Twain campaign for him; and was wounded in the Civil War, fighting for the North. CC: HISTORY

C Block:   In this report brought to you by the National Road Safety Foundation we go behind the scenes as 16 year old Makiya, the winner of this year’s Drive Safe DC Contest, gets to turn her winning idea into a PSA about distracted driving. CC: HEALTH / MEDIA ARTS

D Block:    Unfortunately bullying is all too common, fortunately two teens got together to do something about it, with the No Bull Challenge! Daniella has our HooplaHa Pick of the Week.

E Block:  Emily shows us how Yoga can help you deal with the stress of relationships. CC: HEALTH