Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 2 nd – March 9 th , 2018

A BLOCK:  In our top story this week, Amelia focuses on phobias…irrational fears of an object, activity or situation. And she gets some insight from an expert, on some ways you can deal with phobias.  CC: HEALTH

B Block: In this week’s “Flag Facts” Eric tells us about the flag of a sate that’s named after snow covered mountains: Nevada. CC: HISTORY / GEOGRAPHY

In her White House Kids report, Lila tells us about a first daughter that attended public school while living in the White House: Amy Carter.  CC:  HISTORY

Alexandra clues us in on the top three college majors that will lead you to finding a job upon graduation.

Hannah explains why being grumpy could be good for you.

C Block:  In this week’s “Vive la France” report, Emily takes us us Compiegne where one of the most ironic and tragic twists of wartime fate took place.  CC: HISTORY

In this week’s “Art Smart!” report, William reports on why the artist  Cezanne used artificial flowers and fruit to paint his still-lifes. CC: ART HISTORY

Sol has some words of wisdom that are a twist on the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you.  CC: LITERATURE

D Block:  Emily is back with some tips from the American Red Cross on what to do about Heat Cramps.  CC: HEALTH

Daniella examines the old saying: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  CC: HEALTH

Sophia tells us about a brain scan that lets doctors actually see chronic pain…a step towards how to treat it.  CC: HEALTH

The National Road Safety Foundation has an important message about distracted driving.. CC: HEALTH

E Block:  Emily is at Yankee stadium with soccer great Brandi Chastain for the launch a new series of books about girl’s in middle school playing soccer.   CC: LITERATURE