Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 15th – March 23rd, 2019

A BLOCK:  Our top story this week, is a two-part report sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation.  We continue our coverage of their Drive Safe Contests…this one takes us to the Midwest. Katie introduces us to three finalist who get to turn their winning ideas into actual PSAs.

B Block:  In part two of our report, we find out which of the three PSAs got the most votes on the Chicago Auto Show’s Facebook page, making it the winner of the Drive Safe Chicago PSA contest. One of the finalists is from a school that has already won 3 times, will this time make it number 4?

C Block:  Amelia reports on six letters that strike fear in the hearts of kids hoping to go to college…SAT and ACT.  But she gets advice from an expert on ways to allay some of these fears.   CC: ENGLISH & MATH

D Block:  In Make the Grade this week, Christin tells us about a behavior that might be considered strange…but may actually improve how you study for tests.

Shane is back with another Weird Wild & Wacky Law: you are not allowed to drive while wearing blindfolded in Alabama. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

E Block:  Emily introduces us to a singer who got is shot at stardom in a rather unusual way. And now, Kelontae Gavin is no ordinary singer.  CC: THE ARTS