Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 8th – June 14th, 2018

A BLOCK: In our top story this week, Rob Franek is back to talk about something you might not know to consider when choosing a college — it’s ROI. That means Return on Investment. Alexandra reports. CC: ECONOMICS

B Block: In this week’s “Flag Facts” Harry tells us about the flag of the state that gave us two of our most important national treasures. CC: HISTORY

 In our White House Kids segment Lila explains why first daughter Margaret Truman was not happy about moving into the White House. CC: HISTORY

Hannah has some facts on obesity rates. CC: HEALTH

The National Road Safety Foundation tells us about the dangers of distracted driving and not wearing a seat belt.  CC: HEALTH

C Block: Katie’s back with another “Art Smart!” report.  This week she tells us about one of the best known artists of the 20th century – Pablo Picasso.  CC: ART

Jackie has another makeup tip from expert Jeanna Doyle…this time it’s advice on applying foundation – less is more.


In WORD! This week, you can test your knowledge of the words: BIPARTISAN, PREEMPTIVE and POROUS. CC: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS

D Block:  One of the greatest disasters in English history gave the world one of its greatest places of worship.   Nicole explains in our UK OK report.


E Block:  In this report brought to you by Paramount Pictures Luke gives us a  sneak peek at the movie Sherlock Gnomes, now available on digital, Blu-ray & DVD.