Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 23rd – June 30th, 2017

A BLOCK:  There’s an old saying that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Well, when it comes to the new SAT…that may not be true.  Amelia tells us more in our top story.

B Block:  Visiting a zoo or aquarium is a great way to learn about the many species of animals that share our planet. Scott got a first-hand look during his visit of the National Aquarium in Baltimore, MD.

C Block:  In our Make the Grade report, Christin fills us in on the importance of proper lighting, when you are studying or doing homework.

In Flag Facts, Eric tells us about the flag of the state that rivals Florida for having the most shoreline along the Atlantic Ocean – Maine.  CC: HISTORY

Sol tells us another good reason to watch how much salt we eat. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  Ever wonder why parents are always saying how important it is to brush your teeth?  Well, JACELYN speaks to an expert about some health issues that can be caused by not brushing…and we’re not just talking about tooth decay.


Emily’s Weird, Wild and Wacky Law is about animals at the movies.


We’ve got another important message from The National Road Safety Foundation


E Block:  It may look and sound like a fancy dessert, but Fletch, a student chef at the Culinary Institute of America, shows us how simple it is to make an Apple Tart.