Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | June 16th – June March 22nd, 2017

A BLOCK:  Competition – in sports it gets our adrenalin flowing.  In class, competition helps keep us on our toes.  But as Amelia reports, too much competition isn’t a good thing.  CC: HEALTH

B Block:  In Make the Grade this week, Christin has a tip on how to overcome what is sometimes the hardest part of writing an essay or term paper.


In part one of our special two-part report on Making a Musical, sponsored by the Concordia Conservatory, Katie learns about the story-line of The Monster of Guitaristan, an original musical created for students to perform in.


C Block:  In part two of our special report, Katie explores the all the steps and hard work that go into actually creating a musical. CC: THE ARTS

The message sponsored by Allstate tells us about some of the good things young people are doing.

D Block:  In this week’s Flag Facts, Eric tells us about the state that’s got a flag that celebrates mother nature…the answer may surprise you.


In our Weird, Wild and Wacky Laws, Emily learns where you can “park” your pet elephant.  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

Luke’s got a tip to help you fall and stay asleep.

E Block:  Fletch, as student at the Culinary Institute of America, shares his recipe for homemade Mac & Cheese.  CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES