Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 7th – July 13th, 2018

A BLOCK: Our special two-part top story is sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation. Over the past few months we’ve taken you behind-the-scenes of the Drive Safe PSA contests in Los Angeles and DC.  This time the contest takes us to the Midwest. Katie reports. CC: ARTS & FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

B Block: In part two we find out which PSA got the most votes and who will take home the $2,000 prize! CC: ARTS & FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

 Ava explains why global warming may be making us itch. CC: SCIENCE

C Block:  In this week’s Flag Facts, Alexa tells us about the Wyoming state flag. CC: HISTORY

In Lila’s White House Kids report we learn about Abraham Lincolns children.  CC: HISTORY

Katie is back with another Art Smart! report this one tells us about the unique reason why some of Andy Warhol’s portraits are so famous.  CC: HISTORY

When it comes to doing things with style, few can outdo the French.  Even when it comes to honoring the dead. Emily explains in her Vive la France report.  CC: HISTORY

D Block:  Many teens may be doing something that’s actually putting their teeth at risk.  Jacelyn tells us more.   CC: HEALTH

Let’s face it, zits and blemishes are facts of life.  That’s why a girl’s best friend can be her concealer.   Jackie shares another tip from makeup expert Jeanna Doyle.

Hannah tells us about healthy snack foods. CC: HEALTH

E Block:  Barbeque, it’s as American as apple pie, but did it originate in the US?  Daniella explains.  CC: HISTORY