Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 21th – July 27th, 2018

A BLOCK: Meet 10 year old Audrey. She goes to school in Chicago and she’s the winner of this year’s DeFEET Distractions National Poster contest. Her poster, which shows the dangers of walking while distracted by your cell phone, was chosen from entries submitted by students across the country. CC: ELA & ART

B BLOCK: The sports we know and love may be causing some problems we all should look out for Luke reports on an increase in injuries from what’s called “repetitive motion”. CC: HEALTH

In this week’s “Art Smart”, Katie tells us about something Pablo Picasso once did when a fan asked him for his autograph. CC: HISTORY

C BLOCK: Many teens become very self-conscious when it comes to their weight and body image. And that can lead to problems like eating disorders. In fact, millions of teens and adults suffer from eating disorders. That’s why this week’s video from the website HooplaHa is so very important, Daniella reports. CC: HEALTH

In this week’s WORD, we explore the definitions of: VISCOUS, PERIL, and FRACAS. CC: ELA

D BLOCK: In Speak of the Week, Eden finds out what teens think about the laws that restrict celebrity paparazzi.

The Boy Ban Forever in Your Mind, writes and composes a lot of their own music. In part one of her interview, Emily finds out just how they go about that. CC: MUSIC

E BLOCK: In part two of her interview with Forever in Your Mind, Emily asks about composing their favorite song and she asks them to sing some of it. CC: MUSIC