Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 21st – July 28th, 2017

A BLOCK:   In our top story, Amelia reports on six letters that strike fear in the hearts of kids hoping to go to college…SAT and ACT.  But she gets advice from an expert on ways to allay some of these fears.   CC: ENGLISH & MATH

B Block:  Katie reports on what it takes to earn the second highest award in Girl Scouting – the Silver Award.  We meet some 7th & 8th grade Girl Scouts who are working on their Silver Project or have recently earned the award.

C Block:  Eden has the scoop on an unusual fertilizer that can help developing countries and how you can help people learn about it.CC: SCIENCE

Daniella gets expert advice on dealing with test stress. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  In this report sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, we meet the winner of a Poster Contest that warns of the dangers of distracted driving AND distracted walking. CC: HEALTH

 E Block:  Nicole continues her series: UK OK!, by visiting the historic town of St. Andrews.  Its home to the one of the oldest English speaking universities in the world…and it’s considered the “home of modern golf”.  CC: HISTORY