Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 14th – July 20th, 2018

A BLOCK:  Learning to play music is more than just a great hobby to have.  As Amelia reports, playing an instrument can also help you to do better on tests.  CC: MUSIC

B Block:  They are three little letters.  But they can spell the difference between life and death: CPR.  Alexa explain what they stand forCC: HEALTH

C Block:   In this week’s Flag Facts, Harry tells us why one of our states owes its name to a mistake. CC: HISTORY

Most of us know you are supposed to pay attention while driving. But the National Road Safety Foundation wants you to also know about the dangers of walking distracted, so they sponsored this important message. CC: HEALTH

D Block:    Bad memories – they are often hard to forget.  But Eden gets some expert advice on what can help.  CC: HEALTH

Eyeliner has been around since the Ancient Egyptians, who wore it to protect their eyes.  Today eyeliner is used to accent the eyes…but you need to know how to apply it properly.  So Jackie is back with another makeup tip.

E Block:  For almost a thousand years it’s been the place of coronations, weddings and funerals of British royalty. Nicole takes us to Westminster Abby in her UK OK! report.  CC: HISTORY