Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | February 1st – February 8th, 2019

A BLOCK: Our top story is a two-part special report that brings us to Florida. Christin shows us how a roller coaster is just one of the many ways that Universal Orlando is helping students bring learning to life. CC: TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE, MATH

B BLOCK: In part two of our special report from Universal Orlando, Christin participates in an innovative youth program that combines Physics and riding a roller coaster…it’s truly a classroom in motion. CC: TECHNOLOGY, SCIENCE, MATH

C BLOCK: Ava tells us all about the Washington Monument in DC, including, why it’s two different colors. CC: HISTORY

Shane is back with another “Weird, Wild & Wacky Law”. This one is about parking your elephant. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

We should all know that smoking is dangerous, but Scott reports on the increased danger of smoking if you have asthma. CC: HEALTH

The National Road Safety Foundation has another important message about the dangers of driving distracted. CC: HEALTH

D BLOCK: In this week’s “Flag Facts” Eric tells us about the flag of the state whose motto is Live Free or Die – New Hampshire. CC: HISTORY

In WORD! you can test your knowledge on the definitions of: puckish; appellation; and oblique. CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

Sol has another tip on how to save your phone’s battery power. CC TECHNOLOGY

E BLOCK: There are countries in the world that don’t have some of the things we use every day. But there are simple ways, even teens, can help make a difference. Eden tells us why something we discard is very valuable to people in developing countries.