Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | December 1st – December 7th, 2016

A BLOCK: To be a dancer, you need skill, rhythm, dedication…and something else that’s so obvious that you probably never think of it – the ability to hear the music.  But as Emily reports, one teen is proving that’s not necessarily true.  CC: THE ARTS

B Block:  In our “Make the Grade” report Christin tells us how we can be better leaders.

In this week’s “Flag Facts”, Eric takes a look at what makes New Jersey’s state flag unique.  CC: HISTORY

 Our driving tip, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, reminds us of the dangers of distracted driving. CC: HEALTH

 C Block:  It’s been said that “confidence is the best outfit” so in our “HooplaHa Pick of the Week” Lila tells us about a teen who started a non-profit organization called Threads for Teens that is dedicated to getting clothes to teens that couldn’t otherwise afford them.

D Block: If you think that all it takes to be a good babysitter is to turn on the TV, then you’ll really need to pay attention to Eden’s report. She gets some tips from Dr. Connie Herbert, author of The Teachable Minute.

E Block:   Jackie explains why the popular board game, Monopoly almost never came to be.  CC: HISTORY

 In “Speak of the Week”, Hannah finds out what super powers are the envy of teens.