Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | August 5th – August 12th

A BLOCK: We often hear about the problems our world faces – wars, global warming, deadly diseases and widespread hunger. And it probably seems that there’s nothing teens can do to make this world a better place. But as Amelia reports, that’s not true. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

B BLOCK: Sports are fun and good for our physical and mental development. But sports can also be dangerous… And not taking the right precautions can put you in the doctor’s office… Diyu has the story. CC: HEALTH

Matt is back with a Baseball Fact about the 7th Inning Stretch!

C BLOCK: In Make the Grade, Christin explores why you may want to do a project that isn’t assigned to you in school. CC: SCIENCE & ENGLISH/LANGUAGE ARTS

In this week’s Flag Facts, Eric tells us what makes THE Texas state flag so unique.

D BLOCK: Many of us have been the victim of bullies – or know someone who has. Daniella’s “Hooplaha Pick of the Week”, tells us about an organization that offers a creative way to deal with bullying. CC: ART

In this report sponsored by Allstate, we meet the Berry family. Victims of distracted driving, they started an organization to help teach people about the dangers of driving while distracted. CC: HEALTH

The National Road Safety Foundation continues the message about the dangers of distracted driving, with this important tip. CC: HEALTH

E BLOCK: : Some people say history repeats itself. But Katie found a place where history not only goes round and round…it also goes up and down. She meets the woman responsible for restoring a carousel from the 1920s…and she gets to take it for a spin. CC: HISTORY