Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | August 3rd – August 10th, 2018

A BLOCK:  There are two words that strike icy fear into the hearts of just about any teen applying to college:  The Essay!  In our top story Alexandra gets some advice from college expert Rob Franek.   CC: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS

B Block: Even if you don’t love opera, you’ll be fascinated by Paris’s amazing opera house.  As Emily reports, it may also be the home of the real phantom of the opera.  CC: HISTORY

C Block:  The men and women who serve in our country’s armed forces are true heroes. They put their own lives at risk to protect not just us, but people all around the world. Important as the role our military plays, Alexa reports it comes with special challenges for the kids of those serving in uniform.  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES 

D Block:  Luke is back with his presidential quiz.  The four clues are: he was a teenage lawyer; a war hero; he dueled over his wife’s honor; and his supporters became what we today call democrats.  Can you Guess the President?  CC: HISTORY

In WORD, this week, you can test your knowledge of the definitions of: archaic; demur; and epitome.  CC: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS

Our NRSF Driving Tip of the week warns about the dangers of distracted driving. CC: HEALTH

E Block:  Does Social Media affect dating?  Diyu finds out, with advice from the Teen Dating Mechanic. CC: PSYCHOLOGY

Daniella has the buzz on the benefits of bananas.  CC: HEALTH