Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | August 11th – August 18th, 2017

A BLOCK:  There’s an old saying that “you are what you eat”.  That means that what we put into our bodies affects how we feel and behave.  In our top story this week, Harry talks with Sharmi Das from the FDA about something that can help us make the right decision on what to eat…the new nutrition labels on food.  CC: HEALTH

B Block:  In a special Road Buzz Report, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation.  It focuses on one of the most challenging things new drivers have to deal with…making a left turn. Jacelyn talks to HS students who show us the different situations you may find yourself in when needing to run left.  CC: HEALTH / SAFETY

C Block:  Eric is back with Flag Facts…this week’s state is often called the “mother of presidents”.

Nicole continues her series “UK OK”. This time she’s in search of a seemingly missing statue in England’s Parliament Square. CC: HISTORY

D Block:  In this report sponsored by Target, we get some insight from Lifestyle expert, Justine Santaniello about what supplies are trending for  the upcoming  back to school season.

E Block:  Ever been embarrassed by how your parents dance?  Well our HooplaHa Pick of the Week shows you are NOT alone.