Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | April 19 th – April 26 th , 2019

A BLOCK:  Kids face a lot of hazards during their teen years: drugs, bullying, distracted driving, to name a few.  But as Emily reports, in our two-part story, SADD is an organization that’s dedicated to helping teens get through those tough years.  CC: HEALTH & FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES

B Block:  In part two of our report on the organization SADD, Emily shows us some of the workshops at the National Conference.  And we find out just what the teens that attended, learned to take back to their communities. CC: HEALTH & FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES

C Block:  In “Make the Grade”, Christin explains why studying non-stop for hours may not be the best way to retain the information.

Our “Flag Facts” report focuses on the New Mexico state flag.  Its design is based on the beliefs of an early Native American tribe.

The National Road Safety Foundation wants you to keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road and your mind on driving, that’s why they bring us this important message about distracted driving. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  When it comes to dating, how old is old enough?  Jackie gets advice from an expert.  CC: PSYCHOLOGY

Shane explains how a good breakfast can help you on your next test.

E Block:   In “Art Smart” Katie tells us how the famous painting American Gothic got its name. CC: ART HISTORY

Katie reports on a man who helped George Washington win the Revolutionary War and then wrote the Declaration of the Rights of Man for the French Revolution: Marquis de Lafayette.   CC: HISTORY