Watch Teen Kids Full Episode | January 19 th – January26 th , 2018

A BLOCK: They’re an incredibly popular boy band that’s breaking language barriers
around the world – BTS. And Teen Kids News got an exclusive back stage pass,
Katie and Annie report. CC: MUSIC
B BLOCK: We all get angry now and then. But if you know someone who takes it
too far, then he or she might have what’s called “anger management issues.” Amelia
has this report. CC: HEALTH
C BLOCK: In this week’s Make the Grade report, Christin explains why teens should
wake up to the many reasons caffeine is bad for them, and their school work.
Sebastian reports on how coughing can hurt you. CC: HEALTH
Jackie is back with another Makeup Tip – this week it’s mascara.
The National Road Safety Foundation has another important message about
distracted driving. CC: HEALTH
D BLOCK Katie tells us about the 14 th century artists Giotto in her Art Smart report.
In this week’s Baseball Fact, Matt tells us who invented the sport. CC: HISTORY
Sophia reports on how NASA’s endeavors could be making the science fiction we
see in the movies, a reality. CC: SCIENCE
E BLOCK: Nicole is in the kitchen with Miss Teen USA 2014 and they’ve got a
quick, easy and fun Mexican recipe to share.