Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode Week | June 2nd – June 16th, 2017

A BLOCK:  In our two part top story, Amelia reports on something just about every teen has too much of — STRESS! She gets advice from an expert.  CC: HEALTH

B Block:  Our report on how to have less stress continues…and we find out who tends to have more stress, teen boys or girls?.   CC: HEALTH

In Christin’s Make the Grade report, we find out why cramming for your next test may not get you the grade you want.

 C Block:  Nicole is back with a UK OK Report…she tells us about a wall that helped the Ancient Roman’s define their empire.CC: HISTORY

In this week’s Flag Facts, Eric fills us in on the flag of the state that is home to cowboy ghost towns, Custer’s last stand, seven Indian reservations, the world’s shortest river and the largest migrating elf herd – Montana!

Kristina tells us about the benefits of doing art. CC: ART

D Block:  Ever since the first humans looked up and saw a giant ball of fire in the sky, they’ve accorded the sun special respect.  The light and warmth it gives, define our everyday existence. The sun is not only the center of our universe, as Emily tells us, it’s central to the practice of yoga.  CC: HEALTH

Hannah has some Words of Wisdom to help you get through the day.

We’ve got another important message from The National Road Safety Foundation


 E Block:  Fletch from the Culinary Institute of America has a healthy way to make one of our favorites – Chicken Fingers!    CC: HOME ECONOMICS