Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | May 24th – May 31st 2019

A BLOCK:  There’s a relatively new sport that’s been gaining popularity across the U.S.  it’s called “triathlon.” Benjamin has this two-part report.

B Block:  In part two our report on youth triathlons, we find out why kids like to participate in the sometimes grueling sport.

Sebastian explains why it’s not necessarily a good thing to cut gluten out of your diet. CC: HEALTH

C Block:  The National Mall in Washington DC is the site of memorials honoring some of the most important people – and events – in our nation’s history.  As Ava reports, one of the mall’s newest memorials is dedicated to the millions of Americans who served in the world’s biggest war.  CC: HISTORY

The number of cities that are banning single use plastic bags is growing.  But there are still a lot of bags out there. And they are harmful to the environment.  But one group of teens is taking those bags and putting them to good use.  That’s the subject of Lila’s  HoolpaHa Pick of the Week.

We’ve got another important message from the National Road Safety Foundation. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  Dating has changed a lot since our parents were kids.  That means our parents might not have all the answers to our questions. So we sent Jackie to get advice from an expert. CC: PSYCHOLOGY

In Make the Grade, Christin shares tips from teens that agree – cramming is not the best way to study.

E Block:  From ancient ruins – to modern windfarms – Jordan is as fascinating, as it is historic.  Olivia will show you in her Jordan Journal.  CC: GEOGRAPHY

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