Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | March 23 rd – March 31 st , 2018

 A BLOCK:  In our top story this week, Emily reports on the increase in soccer  injuries.  And she speaks with soccer great Brandi Chastain, now a coach, on ways to help avoid getting hurt.  CC: HEALTH

B Block: Amelia gets some tips from a professional makeup artist on how to achieve an everyday look and getting made up for a big event, like prom.

C Block:  In this week’s “Make the Grade” report, Christin tells us why you should consider visiting colleges, even if you’re still in middle school.

 Sebastian has the scoop on how Elvis did in his middle school music class.

In our Military Salute this week, find out who received the first Medal of Honor, the highest US Military award for bravery above and beyond the call of duty. CC: HISTORY

D Block:  In “Art Smart” William tells us why Picasso burned some of his paintings. CC: ART HISTORY

In Word, test your knowledge of the definitions of: Latent; Blatant; and Complacent.  CC: ENGLISH & LANGUAGE ARTS

We’ve got another important message from the National Road Safety Foundation about distracted driving.  CC: HEALTH

E Block:  On our menu this week is a fun recipe from the Culinary Institute of America…a “pizza” made out of fruit.  CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE