Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | July 17th – July 25th , 2020

A BLOCK: With only 538 members, it’s one of the smallest colleges in America. But
its impact is enormous. Benjamin explains how the Electoral College is a key part of
our democracy. CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

B BLOCK: Let’s face it, no one likes rejection. But as Jackie reports, not getting
something you had your heart set on may actually have a positive side.

The NRSF brings us this important message about the dangers of distracted driving.

C BLOCK: In “Make the Grade” Christin tells us about the benefits of joining a team
or club at school.

Katie reports on how a factory in Bahrain celebrated it’s opening – by baking the
world’s largest Oreo cookie.

Lemons are considered very healthy. But squeezing the juice out of the hard, yellow
fruit can be a challenge. Katie’s got a neat “Kitchen Tip” as a solution.

D BLOCK: Why are some comic books worth millions of dollars and others just
pennies. Sebastian finds out in his report on collection comics.

E BLOCK: It’s been a monastery, a hospital, a university and even a palace for
kings. In her “Reign in Spain” report Nicole takes us to one of the country’s most
popular tourist sights: El Escorial, just outside of Madrid.

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