Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | January 10th – January 17th, 2019

A BLOCK: For years, Teen Kids News has been reporting on the growing dangers to our environment.  One of the most pressing is ocean pollution caused by plastic.  Especially “single use” plastic – like straws. It’s an issue that one teen is so passionate about, she has taken on one of the nation’s biggest restaurant chains.  AVA tells us more. CC: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE

B Block:  In this week’s “Make the Grade” report Christin tells us why it’s a good idea to keep the lines of communication open with your teachers.

If you’re a new driver there’s a lot to keep in mind.  That’s why we’re bringing you this driving tip from the National Road Safety Foundation. CC: HEALTH

C Block: Humans are natural born collectors.  No wonder collecting things like stamps or coins is so popular. And we found out that some very famous people, collect some of very unusual things. Sebastian clues us in on Jay Z’s collection.

D Block:  In herReign in Spain” report Nicole shows us an incredible palace that’s been home to Spanish Royalty for more than 600 years. CC: HISTORY

E Block:  There are many ways for a young performer to be discovered.  In our Rising Stars segment, Emily introduces us to a young lady who owes her start…to a contest. CC: THE ARTS

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