True or False? We should not drink hot tap water 

Picture this: It’s cold outside – the wind is bone-chilling, the sun is nowhere to be found and you might have just seen a few snowflakes floating in the air. You need something to warm you up and a cup of coffee should do the trick. By filling up your coffee maker with hot water from the tap, you hope the coffee will get to your cup a little faster. Surprisingly, that might be doing you more harm than good.


There is a simple reason why you must NEVER do this! Watch the video above to find the answer.

Extra facts:

  • The heated water may cause the plumbing to release harmful substances such as lead and nickel.
  • Cold water is fresher. Hot water stays in the plumbing system for a longer period of time to get heated. Longer stagnation time in the system may cause higher bacterial levels.
  • Hot water is exposed to more pollution sources since it passes through additional tanks or heating systems.
  • The level of microorganisms is higher in hot water plumbing. In multiple studies it was found that the temperature appears to have an important impact on bacterial activity and also corrosion rate in the pipes (tested on PEX, copper, stainless steel, carbon steel and galvanized pipes).
  • More information is at or (800) 424-5323 (LEAD).

THE BOTTOM LINE Hot water from the tap should never be used for cooking or drinking.

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