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Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | April 17th – April 24th, 2021

Teen Kids News Full

A BLOCK: There’s no question – for the rest of our lives we’ll remember the COVID pandemic.  Many of us lost a family member or a family friend to the killer virus.  And just about all of us had our school lives turned upside-down.   Almost without warning, the familiar routines changed.  Katie’s report tells us how COVID may affect you if your applying to college.

B BLOCK:  There’s a relatively new sport that’s been gaining popularity across the U.S.  it’s called “triathlon.” Benjamin has this two-part report.

C BLOCK: In part two our report on youth triathlons, we find out why kids like to participate in the sometimes, grueling sport.

The National Road Safety Foundation brings an important reminder about some of the avoidable dangers while driving. 

D BLOCK:  Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.  A case in point is when we try too hard to be perfect.  Ava explains in her report.

E BLOCK: In “Speak of the Week” Sol finds out who teens see as their heroes. 

Lila tells us what one does if they are a philatelist. 

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