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Teen Kids News Full Episode | October 16th – October 23rd , 2020

Teen Kids News Full

A BLOCK: Life’s been pretty challenging for our generation. As if dealing with the
pressures of school isn’t enough, the COVID virus added even more stress. And stress isn’t good. It can cause depression, prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep…even lead to heart disease. But as Ayla reports, focusing on the right things can plant a seed for growing happier. CC: HEALTH

Lylah tells us how technology is a new weapon in the fight against plastic pollution in the Philippines. CC: TECHNOLOGY

B BLOCK: Not all sunglasses are created equal…and some may actually be doing more
harm than good. Benjamin explains in his “Now EYE Know” report.

If you’re a new driver there’s a lot to keep in mind. That’s why we’re bringing you this driving tip on how to merge, from the National Road Safety Foundation.
Benjamin reminds us to participate in one of the most exciting and important privileges of turning 18 – VOTING! SS: SOCIAL STUDIES

C BLOCK: A lot of teens would love to achieve fame singing or acting. But to achieve that goal, it takes a lot of talent and hard work. As Emily finds out, this week’s Rising Star: Ava Della Pietra, has both.

D BLOCK: Katie is back in the kitchen with a clever technique to impress your family and friends. CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE

In this report sponsored by News Media Group, we get some advice on how to avoid the stress of holiday shopping.

E BLOCK: The movie Love & Monsters is now available to watch from the comfort of your couch. Ava gives us a sneak peek in this report sponsored by paramount Pictures.


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