Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | November 16th – November 23, 2017

A BLOCK:  In our top story, Amelia tackles something many teens will soon need to deal with: the cost of going to college. She gets the facts from college guru Rob Franek.  CC: ECONOMICS

B Block: In Make the Grade this week, Christin has some tips on what you can do now, to make filling out your college applications later, a little less stressful.  Keeping a running list of your accomplishments is a great resume building trick.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award the United Sates can bestow on a person for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.  Our next report explains how it came about.  CC: HISTORY

 This week’s safety message from the National Road Safety Foundation focuses on the dangers of drinking and driving.  CC: HEALTH

 C Block:  In Speak of the Week we get to hear what teens have to say, and this week’s question is: Should school be year round?

Jackie gets some makeup tips on eyebrows, from expert Jeanna Doyle. CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE

In this week’s Art Smart!  William tells us about a famous painting that may have been created to win an argument about color. CC: ART HISTORY

D Block:  Nicole’s UK OK! report sets the record straight about the name of one of London’s most famous landmarks.  CC: HISTORY

E Block:  While you might still be finishing up your Halloween candy, the holiday shopping season is right around the corner.  And sometimes shopping for everyone on your list is not easy, so Katie talks with Lifestyle Expert Justine Sanatanello for some advice.