Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 8th – September 14th, 2017

A BLOCK: This week’s top story focuses on the importance of choosing a college that’s the right fit.  Amelia talks with Rob Franek of The Princeton Review, who provides insight on some of the mistakes teens might make when choosing a college…and how to avoid them.

B Block: In our “HooplaHa Pick of the Week” Daniella tells us about a teen’s initiative to make a difference, by creating “Lucky Tails Animal Rescue,” a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless dogs.

In this week’s Flag Facts, Eric tells us about Utah’s state flag. CC: HISTORY

C Block: In this week’s “Art Smart!”, Katie tells us about an artist who helped win a war. CC: HISTORY

Our driving tip, sponsored by the National Road Safety Foundation, reminds us of the dangers of being distracted while walking. CC: HEALTH

D Block: Eden gets some tips on babysitting from Dr. Connie Herbert, author of “The Teachable Minute”.

E Block:   Dance is often called “Poetry in Motion.”  It takes grace, timing and hard work…lots of hard work.   But as EMILY reports, joining a competitive dance team can be a life-defining experience.  CC: THE ARTS