Teek Kids new Full Episode |November 10th – November 17th, 2017

A BLOCK:  In our top story this week, Emily finds out about the positives of being rejected.   CC: HEALTH

B Block: From Star Wars…to Star Trek, movies about outer space are popular – especially with teens.  But as Amelia reports, space travel – in the movies or in real life – just wouldn’t be possible without one very important invention: the rocket. CC: TECHNOLOGY & HISTORY

C Block:  In our American Red Cross First Aid Tip this week, we learn what to do in case of a fracture. CC: HEALTH

 D Block:  In Art Smart, Katie tells us all about the Norman Rockwell painting Rosie the Riveter.  CC: ART & HISTORY

Jackie’s got some quick makeup tips from expert Jeanna Doyle. CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE

Most of us know about the dangers of driving distracted, but the National Road Safety Foundation wants you to also know what could happen if you walk distracted.  CC: HEALTH

E Block:  Emily is once again with America’s top Balloon Expert, Sandy Masori, learning some fun ways to make money with balloon art. CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCE