Boston Dynamics Shows Off Its Humanoid Robot That Can Run and Jump

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith their advanced sensors, hiding from robots has never been an option, but running from their often plodding frames has been, until now. Atlas can now run after you.

Three years ago former Google robotics outfit Boston Dynamics demonstrated its Terminator-like humanoid Atlas robot running through a forest tethered to a machine. Now that same hauntingly human robot can now run across and navigate uneven terrain unaided, bounding over the trickiest of obstacles … such as a log.

The new video shows Atlas running in what can only be described as a showy jog, striding with purpose and hinting that at any stage it might break into a lightning-quick sprint.

In the second, the dog-like SpotMini robot climbs up and down stairs. To steer properly, the robot was originally guided by an operator, the Verge reports. But now the robot has mapped the area and uses cameras to navigate autonomously.

In February, the Massachusetts-based company unveiled a robotic dog that could open doors.

In 2017, Google parent company Alphabet sold the robotics firm to Japanese conglomerate SoftBank for an undisclosed sum.