Making a Homemade Pie Is as Easy as Pie

Elizabeth Jean, who spent years creating the perfect apple pie recipe by experimenting with proportions, spices and baking times. As much as she loved to bake—probably because she inherited the gene from her grandmother, a pastry chef known for her wedding cakes—she didn’t love how much time she had to spend in the kitchen. She, like most people, wished she had everything she needed all neatly packaged in a kit.

Elizabeth Jean’s homemade pie kits include everything you need to create the perfect apple pie every time: fresh sliced apples, two rolled pie crusts, spice pack and real butter—the same natural, high-quality ingredients Elizabeth Jean uses in her own pies. The kit even includes a 9-inch pie tin and pop-up timer that lets you know the precise moment the apples are tender and the crust is crisp, guaranteeing a rave-worthy dessert.