Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | April 10th – April 17th, 2020

A BLOCK:  Even if your school isn’t closed because of the coronavirus – also known as COVID-19, you’re probably being affected. Especially if you are planning to apply to college. Katie speaks with Rob Franek from the Princeton Review about what to expect.

Sol tells us where most of the plastic we use ends up…in the ocean.

B Block:  Many kids want to give back to their community.   Others want to start their own business.  In part one of our top story, Benjamin introduces us to a teen who is doing both.

C Block: We continue our top story to learn just how Lillypops are made.

Reese gives us another reason why eating breakfast is a good idea. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  In Christin’s Make the Grade report we learn about the benefits of learning a second language. CC: FOREIGN LANGUAGE

Hannah has statistics on the smarts of those enlisting in the US Military.

In “Art Smart” William tells us about a famous painting that may have been created to win an argument.  CC: ART HISTORY

Daniella offers insight on why some of us may be addicted to soda.CC: HEALTH

E Block: Katie is back in the kitchen with a cool way to eat strawberries.

Sebastian tells us about a stamp that’s famous for being so rare – the British Magenta. CC: HISTORY

Sophia reports on some of the things JK Rowling does with her money.

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