Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 28th – October 5th, 2018

A BLOCK:  It seems that just about every month we hear new evidence that exercise is important for us to be healthy.  But getting all the exercise we need, isn’t always easy.  Benjamin reports on a program, in California that’s helping to change that.  CC: HEALTH & PHYSICAL EDUCATION

B Block:  You can be the best of friends…or constantly fighting. Sometimes you feel no one understands you better and sometimes that no one understands you less. No question about it, a girl’s relationship with her mother can be complicated.  But as Emily reports, it doesn’t have to be. CC: PSYCHOLOGY

C Block:  In “Make the Grade”, Christin shares a study tip from a high school student in North Dakota.

Our “Speak of the Week” question is: Who is your hero?  The answers may surprise you.

This week’s Driving Tip from the National Road Safety Foundation reminds us that speeding is NEVER a good idea.  CC: HEALTH

D Block:  This segment is for the guys.  At some point in your life, maybe sooner than you expected, you will need to wear a tuxedo, so in our Prom 101 Report Emily gives us a break down of all the parts of a tux.

E Block:   We’re back in the kitchen at the Culinary Institute of America where we learn how to make Avocado Ice Cream! CC: FAMILY & CONSUMER SCIENCES