Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | September 13th – September 20th, 2019

A BLOCK: In our top story, Katie takes us to The Ailey School of dance. Founded by one of modern dances most influential innovators, it’s considered one of the country’s premiere dance schools. CC: THE ARTS

B BLOCK:  You may have heard of the Miss America contest, but Ava tells us about a less known sister program, “Miss America’s Outstanding Teen”. We meet a teen who has won a preliminary round and tells us all about her experience.

C BLOCK: Collecting things is a popular hobby that most people can do. But when the items you are collecting are rare – they can become extremely valuable. Lila tells us about one such item. CC: HISTORY

In this week’s “Make the Grade” report Christin gives us a tip on how to help expand your vocabulary.  CC: ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS

D BLOCK: Trying to make it as a professional entertainer isn’t easy, but for some, this talent comes naturally. In our “Rising Star” report, Emily introduces us to Kelly Morgan, a young singer, songwriter, and actor. CC: THE ARTS

Your parents may sometimes forget how to stay safe when driving, so the National Road Safety Foundation sponsored this important reminder about seatbelt safety. CC: HEALTH

E BLOCK:Fletch teaches us how to make the perfect oven-grilled cheese.CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

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