Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | November 9th – November 16th, 2018

A BLOCK:  Jackie tells us about a very remarkable young girl.   Her full name is Alexandra Scott – but everyone called her Alex.  Her family was about to celebrate her first birthday – when they got terrible news.   Alex had neuroblastoma – a form of cancer that would eventually take her life.  How she faced the cancer – and the legacy she left behind – is as amazing as it is inspiring.

B Block:  It’s the largest art museum in the world.  And considered by many – the best art museum in the world.  It’s called the Louvre. And it’s the focus of this week’s Viva La France report.  CC: HISTORY

C Block:  In our “HooplaHa Pick” Lila tells us how a Hollywood Studio is helping some special need kids.  Air Hollywood has created a way for kids with autism to take a practice “flight” on a plane.

If you’re a new driver, there’s a lot to keep in mind. That’s why we’re bringing you another driving tip from the National Road Safety Foundation. CC: HEALTH

D Block:  In this report sponsored by Wells Fargo, Ava introduces us to two teens from Atlanta, Georgia, that won the Global Impact Challenge.  They came up with a program that helps people with disabilities live full and complete lives.  CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

E Block:  While Prom season usually runs from April to June, that’s not the only time of the year you may need to get dressed up.  Emily has ways to save all year round.

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