Watch Teen Kids News Full Episode | November 8th – November 15th, 2019

A BLOCK: For most of us, it’s the first step into real adulthood: getting a driver’s license. And as Katie reports, along with that driver’s license comes a big responsibility.  

B Block:  If you think stress and anxiety are all in your head, you’re right. But Sebastian talks with an expert that says we can “change our brain”.CC HEALTH  

Sol has some advice about living in the moment.

C Block: In this week’s “Make the Grade” Christin tells us about some top-level colleges that are free of charge.

Katie’s back with another “Kitchen Tip” that will make husking corn much easier. CC: FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES

D Block:  When it comes to doing things with style, few can outdo the French.  Even when it comes to honoring the dead. In her Vive la France report, Emily tells us about a building in France that does just that.CC: SOCIAL STUDIES

E Block: Chloe has a Household Hack that’s simple yet effective.

We get a sneak peek of the cars of the not too distant future at the Tokyo Auto Show. CC: TECHNOLOGY

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